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Twilight Evening Tour

Easy Loop - 1 Mile
16 Haunted Places

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02 Former Pulaski Hotel
#1 Ghost Tour in Savannah, GA - Pulaski Hotel
15 Bull Street is at the corner of Bryan and Bull Streets. Today, a 1950's era structure sits on…
03 Johnson Square
#1 Ghost Tour - Online Ghost Tour - Johnson Square
Johnson Square, located on Bull Street and just South of Bay Street, is the first and and largest square…
04 Wright Square
#1 Ghost Tour - Wright Square Marker
Wright Square is located on the Bull Street corridor, and is the 2nd Square south from the Savannah River.…
05 Tomochichi’s Grave
#1 Ghost Tour Tomochichi
Tomochichi was the Chief (Mico) of the Creek Indian tribe that lived in the Savannah area before the arrival…
06 Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
#1 Ghost Tour - Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace
The Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace (also known as "Wayne-Gordon House") is located at 10 East Oglethorpe Avenue, in the…
08 Original Jewish Burial Plot
#1 Ghost Tour - Jewish Burial Plot
On this location is the original burial plot allotted to the Jewish Community in 1733 by General James Edward…
10 Savannah Theatre
#1 Ghost Tour - Savannah Theatre
The Savannah Theatre is located at 222 Bull Street overlooking the northeast corner of Chippewa Square. It was designed…
11 McDonoughs Pub
#1 Ghost Tour - McDonough's Pub
McDonough’s Pub is located at 21 McDonough Street on the corner of Drayton Street. The building 1 block East…
06 Colonial Park Cemetery
#1 Ghost Tour - Colonial Park Cemetery
Colonial Park Cemetery is located at 200 Abercorn Street, at the intersection of Oglethorpe Avenue, in the historic distrct…
07 Owens-Thomas House
#1 Ghost Tour - Owens-Thomas House
The Owens-Thomas house is located at 124 Abercorn Street, where it meets East State Street, and overlooks the northeast…
08 17Hundred90 Inn
#1 Ghost Tour
The 17 Hundred 90 Inn is located at 307 East President Street at the corner of Lincoln Street in…
09 Kehoe House Inn
#1 Ghost Tour - Kehoe House
The Kehoe House is a large Queen Anne style mansion located at 123 Habersham Street. It overlooks Columbia Square…
11 Marshall House Hotel
#1 Ghost Tour
The Marshall House, located at 123 East Broughton Street in Savannah, was built in 1851. During the Civil War…
12 Lucas Theatre
#1 Ghost Tour - Lucas Theatre
The Lucas Theatre was built in Italian Renaissance style in 1921 and is located at 32 Abercorn Street in…
14 Planters Inn
#1 Ghost Tour - Savannah, GA
The Planters Inn is located at 29 Abercorn Street in Savannah. Built about 1920, it overlooks the southwest corner…
15 Olde Pink House
#1 Ghost Tour - Olde Pink House
The Olde Pink House is located in the Savannah downtown historic district at 23 Abercorn Street just South of…

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